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my unica 2017:
Having fun at the UNICA 2017,
filing your own movie
and winning:
The open online-competition
after the UNICA. Contribute!

Information always at myunica2017.de


Every filmmaker can participate with their recordings from the event at the Film-/AVContest with the subject „Dortmund/UNICA/90 years of BDFA/Colliery Zollern“, after the official World Movie Contest 2017 from the 5th to the 12th of August 2017. The conditions of participations, the awards and the application process:

1. The recordings need to be made at the WMC UNICA2017 in Dortmund. The topic is free to choose.

2. Every author can file one film or one AV-Show. The film report happens on the online schedule, which will appear HERE:
Online entry form. Entitled to participate are non-commercial filmmakers and AV-makers (no professional filmmakers or filmmakers, who are currently in an apprenticeship to a professional). The filed films are not allowed to have participated in a competition before.

3. The maximum length is 15 minutes.

4. Registration for this starts at the 13th of August 2017. The entry deadline is the
1st of November 2017 (receipt at the organiser).

Attractive non-cash prizes and special awards await you.

Every filed film gets a certificate of participation and take part at the jury assessment.

7. The filing of the films takes place online at wetransfer.com or as a data carrier at our festival bureau. Please pay attention to our technical information given below.

8. The jury assessment will occur until the end of November 2017. The winners will be shown on our website and the YouTube channel of the WMC UNICA 2017. The rating and award ceremony is carried out through an independent jury. Any legal action is precluded.

9. Holders of the UNICA-Congress ticket and members of the BDFA do not have to pay a nomination fee. The nomination fee for every other filmmaker is 10,00€ and needs to be paid in advance.

10. Technical information:
The film has to be filed in the format of MPEG2 or MPEG4 (MPEG4 as a AVCHD/H. 246 file). USB-sticks and data-DVDs are admitted by filing data carriers per mail (No menu DVDs or tape cartridges). Please add enough postage if you file a data carrier and want it to be send back. With the following settings on your production system, you will not experience any problems later on:
Format: MPEG2 or MPEG4
File name extension: MPG or MP4
25 MBit/s, never more than 30 MBit/s
Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Pixels or 1440 x 1080 Pixels
Framerate: 25 fps progressive or 50 fps interlaced, preferably 50i
If your cutting system allows further sound settings, we recommend:
MP2 coding
48 kHz
224 Kbit/s
As data carriers we recommend:
Data DVD (no Menu DVD!) up to 4,7 GB data size or
Data BluRayDisc (No menu BluRay) over 4,7 GB data size or
USB stick (USB 3.0, formatted with NTFS with a data size over 4 GB)
We prefer the ONLINE filing with WETRANSFER.COM at our mail address info@unica2017.de

11. Rights: The report of the film gives the assurance that the submitting author possesses all rights on the film (Important for the awardees, that will be published on the website of the UNICA 2017).

12. The competition- and jury regulations of the Bundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren e.V. (BDFA) apply unless agreed otherwise

Here is the online film notification sheet (online entry form)


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