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Die Ergebnisliste zum Download:

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Liste aller Filmmeldungen (Entries/Inscriptions) HAUPTPROGRAMM

Liste aller Filmmeldungen WORLD MINUTE MOVIE CUP

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Finale Busfahrpläne
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Instruction to the journey from Colliery Zollern/station Dortmund-Bövinghausen
to Dortmund central station into the inner-city of Dortmund (PDF DE/EN/FR)


(Shuttles und Transferbusse)

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There are bus-transfer from the three festival hotels to all of the events. The exact departure times will be provided a week before the start of the festival. The bus-transfers are not included in the congress ticket for UNICA participants but a free service of the hosting team. A right to carriage does not exist, especially not by late arrival of the guest.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear movie friends,

shortly before the beginning of the UNICA 2017 in Dortmund, we want to inform you about some very important programme details and kindly ask you to read this newsletter attentively.

A first Get together
There will be a first Get together for all guests that already arrive on Friday (4th of August 2017): The Vernissage of a photo exhibition takes place in the Hotel Vienna House Easy at 6pm. Members of the UNICA 2017 hosting team are also involved in it. We are looking forward to a relaxed grill evening at one’s own charge in the garden of the hotel after the exhibition.

Handing out of the congress-documents
We await you in your hotel on Saturday, the 5th of August form 2pm to 4pm, in the region of the reception and will hand out your congress-documents. You will therefore not have to wait at other counters. This applies to our three congress hotels Vienna House Easy, Days Inn and IBIS Styles.

Guests that are not staying at one of the three congress hotels and will directly come to the festival opening at the townhall of Dortmund, will get there congress-documents there. The doors open at 5:15pm. The address:

Bürgersaal des Rathauses der Stadt Dortmund
Friedensplatz, D-44122 Dortmund
Please watch out for the blue UNICA posters.
The townhall has an underground carpark, driveway of the Südwall.

We can only hand out congress-documents without bag inside the townhall because of reasons of space. You will get the bag on Sunday at our information counter at the Colliery Zollern (next to the checkout at the entry)

You can find your tickets for the booked events in your congress-documents. Please absolutely take your tickets with you to the events and trips, because the service providers control the inlet and bill the performances with it.

Schedule of the hotel transfer
The schedule of the hotel transfer will be available for a download on our website unica2017.de/downloads a week before the start of the festival. On the 5th of August we will be driving from the three congress hotels Vienna House Easy, Days Inn and IBIS Styles (not from the Colliery Zollern) at 5pm and will bring you to the townhall of Dortmund. At about 11pm we will bring you back to the hotels.

Please be aware of the departure times at all days. The busses will not wait, they will depart at the given time. All hotels will call a taxi for you if required (at one’s own cost). Our transfer busses are not included in the congress ticket for UNICA participants but are a free service of the hosting team. There is no entitlement for transportation, especially not if the guest is late.

Guests without hotel transfer (daily individual arrival/other hotels)
Please watch out for the departure times on trip days. The busses will not wait, they will depart at the given time. Please arrange enough time for you arrival. Everybody is looking forward for good talks among movie friends if you arrive too early.

Devices for simultaneous-interpreters
If you registered for a simultaneous-interpreter device at the booking, we kindly ask you to pick it up on Sunday at the information counter at the Colliery Zollern (next to the checkout at the entry). The devices are worth around 200€ and will be lend to you by us for free during the festival week. Therefore we hope that you understand that we kindly ask you to give us one valid identification document per device as a pawn (ID, drivers license…). A refund of the device is not necessary until Saturday 3pm. A daily refund is possible until 6pm. The device has to be taken with you at your own risk after 6pm.

Guests without UNICA congress ticket and entry to the museum
All guests, that did not book a UNICA congress ticket, have to present their member ID of their film association (e.g. BDFA-member ID) with entering the Colliery Zollern. We will then pay the entry for you and your companion. All other visitors have to pay the normal entry for the museum in the amount of 4€ per person.

Jubilee commemorative publication "90 years of the BDFA" (in german)
A version of the jubilee commemorative publication will be send to all members of the BDFA. If you want to have another version, please go to our information counter at the Colliery Zollern (next to the checkout at the entry) and present your BDFA member ID. Holders of the UNICA congress ticket will get a copy for free if they want to. There is a buying price of 6€ for every other potential buyer.

Announcements and information during the festival
Please watch out for our information boards and announcements during the festival, since there can always be changes, especially regarding the starting times.

Helicopter flights
If you registered for a helicopter flight, you will find your board ticket in your congress-documents. The price for the flight (40€ per person) is not included in the congress ticket, but will be paid in cash directly to the flight team before the departure. Please pay with matching notes if possible.

Animals are not allowed in all buildings of the museum « Zeche Zollern ».

Festival of lights and firework at the Gala evening
The Gala evening will take place at the Radisson Blu hotel, that is located right next to the Westfalenpark. Our transfer busses will bring you there from the three festival hotels. The yearly Festival of lights will take place at the Westfalenpark on the same evening and will end with a firework. The firework starts at approx. 10:30pm.

We are happy, that our guests will be able to enjoy the firework. Unfortunately we will have to reckon that there will be big traffic problems at the surrounding streets. The hotel has 67 parking spots on the outside and 50 parking spots on the underground garage (all chargeable) but the access road can be blocked.

If you arrive with your own car, we recommend to be there early. Please take one of the prepared UNICAsigns from the UNICA-reception at the Colliery Zollern with you, because the visitors of the Festival of lights on the access road to the hotel could be dismissed. Please also reckon that the roads will be keep blocked for a certain time after the firework in order to protect the emanating visitors. Stay with us at the Gala evening and enjoy the dialogues with our nice guests.

We wish you a pleasant time in Dortmund, good luck for the authors, a nice entertainment and a lot of cordial meetings and talks.

UNICA2017- hosting team


Photo exhibition in the Hotel Vienna House Easy:
Transformation Phoenix

A photo exhibition takes place at the Hotel Vienna House Easy at the same time as the UNICA. The project of the photo group AudioVision Dortmund, whose members are partially a part of the UNICA host-team, presents masterful photographies. Therefore we recommend this freely accessable and free exhibition:


UNICA 2017 - Calendar
also as a Download

Calendar (german version)


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
liebe Filmfreunde,

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
dear movie friends,

Mesdames et messieurs,
chers amis cinéastes,

nun sind es nur noch 7 Wochen bis zum Beginn des World Movie Contest UNICA 2017 in Dortmund. Alle Vorbereitungen sind getroffen, um Ihnen eine erlebnisreiche Woche zu bereiten. Freuen Sie sich auf die feierliche Eröffnung im Dortmunder Rathaus mit dem anschließenden Bankett, auf spannende und unterhaltsame Filmprogramme aus bis zu 30 Ländern, auf einen Ganztagesausflug und einen der Halbtagesausflüge, auf die Preisverleihung und auf den Gala-Abend mit einigen Überraschungen.

There are only 7 weeks left until the start of the World Movie Contest UNICA 2017 in Dortmund. All arrangements are made to provide you an eventful week. You can look forward to the solemn opening at the townhall in Dortmund and the following banquet, to an exciting and funny movie programme from up to 30 different countries, one day trip and one of the half day excursions, to the award ceremony and a gala evening with many surprises.

Plus que 7 semaines avant l’ouverture du World Movie Contest UNICA 2017 à Dortmund ! Tous les travaux préparatoires ont été menés afin de vous présenter une semaine pleine de bons moments. Réjouissez-vous d’ores et déjà de l’ouverture solennelle suivíe d’un banquet dans la mairie de Dortmund, de programmes de films passionnants et divertissants venant de 30 pays différents, d’une excursion de la journée et de l’une des excursions de la demi-journée, de la remise des prix et de la soirée Gala avec quelques surprises.

Falls Sie sich noch nicht angemeldet haben: Seien Sie schnell, da einige Ausflüge bereits ausgebucht sind. Wichtig: Die Kongresskarte für das Gesamtpaket gibt es nur noch bis zum 7. Juli, danach sind nur noch einzelne Restplätze verfügbar.

If you did not register yet: Be quick, since few excursions are already booked out. Important: The congress ticket for the total package is only available until the 7th of July, there will only be few rest seats available after that.

Si vous ne vous êtes pas encore inscrit: faites le vite, car certaines excursions affichent déjà complet. Important : Le ticket du congrès pour le paquet complet n’est disponible que jusqu’au 7 juillet, au-delà de cette date il n’y aura plus que quelques places disponibles.

Zu den Veranstaltungen fahren von den drei Festival-Hotels Vienna House, Days Inn und IBIS Styles Transfer-Shuttles. Die genauen Abfahrtzeiten stehen eine Woche vor Festivalbeginn zur Verfügung. Die Shuttles sind für UNICA-Teilnehmer nicht in der Kongresskarte enthalten, aber ein kostenloser Service des Ausrichterteams. Auch nach dem abendlichen Get together bringen wir Sie zu zwei Terminen wieder ins Hotel.

Transfer shuttles will drive you to the events from the three festival hotels Vienna House, Days Inn and IBIS Styles. The exact departure time will be provided a week before the start of the festival. The shuttles are not included for UNICA participants in the congress card but are a free service of the hosting team. We will also bring you back to the hotel after the get together in the evening at two times.

Il y aura des navettes partant des trois hôtels du festival Vienna House, Days Inn et IBIS Styles. Les horaires exacts seront connus une semaine avant le festival. Les navettes ne sont pas incluses dans le prix du ticket du congrès, c’est un service gratuit de l’équipe organisatrice. Les navettes vous ramèneront également à votre hôtel le soir après le « get together », ceci à deux moments différents.

Besonders möchten wir Sie heute auf die Workshops und Events aufmerksam machen:

We especially want to draw attention to the workshops and events today:

Aujourd’hui nous désirons attirer votre attention sur les ateliers et les évènements:

Gianni Poretti zeichnet spontane Karikaturen von den Gästen.

Gianni Poretti will draw spontaneous caricatures of the guests.

Gianni Poretti dessinera des caricatures spontanées des visiteurs.

Die Helikopter-Rundflüge am Mittwoch waren schnell ausgebucht. Wir konnten aber 20 zusätzliche Plätze buchen und können nun wieder Anmeldungen entgegen nehmen. Die Hubschrauber-Rundflüge sind am Mittwoch, 9. August 2017, von 10 bis 17 Uhr. Sonderpreis nur für UNICA- und BDFA-Mitglieder: 40 Euro pro Person und Flug. Bei Regenwetter finden die Flüge am Freitag statt. Anmeldung bitte über unsere Buchungsseite.

The helicopter flights on Wednesday were booked out quickly. We were able to book 20 additional seats and are now able to receive new registrations. The helicopter flight takes place on Wednesday the 9th of August from 10am to 5pm. Special price only for UNICA congress ticket owner and BDFA members: 40€ per person and flight. The flights will take place on Friday if rain should occur on Wednesday. Please register on our website.

Les places pour les circuits aériens en hélicoptère le mercredi ont été vite prises. Mais nous avons pu obtenir 20 places supplémentaires et pouvons à nouveau accepter des inscriptions. Les vols en hélicoptère ont lieu le mercredi 9 août 2017 de 10h à 17h. Prix spécial pour les participants de l’UNICA et les membres du BDFA : 40€ par personne et par vol. En cas de pluie, les vols auront lieu le vendredi. Inscrivez-vous sur notre site internet.

Die Produktionsfirma Truelife Pictures bietet am Freitag, 11. August 2017, von 9 Uhr bis ca. 17 Uhr einen kostenlosen Workshop mit dem Thema "Filmproduktion" an. Der Workshop wird von zwei ehemaligen Filmproduktions- und Regie-Studenten der Medienakademie WAM durchgeführt und richtet sich an alle Filmer. Eine frühzeitige Anmeldung ist erforderlich, da die Plätze begrenzt sind (per Mail an info@unica2017.de).

The production company Truelife Pictures offers a free workshop on Friday, the 11th of August from 9am to apprx. 5pm about „Movie production“. The workshop will be led by two former film production and direction students of the Medienakademie WAM and is directed to all filmmakers. An early registration is required because of the limited amount of seats (per e-mail at info@unica2017.de).

La société de production de film Truelife Pictures propose vendredi 11 août 2017 de 9h à env. 17h un atelier gratuit au sujet de la « production de film ». Cet atelier sera dirigé par deux anciens étudiants en production et régie de la « Medienakademie WAM » et s’adresse à tous les cinéastes. Il est nécessaire de s’inscrire le plus tôt possible, le nombre de places étant limité (par mail à info@unica2017.de).

Ein weiterer kostenloser Workshop mit dem Thema "Der Weg vom Handy-Video zum Filmfestival". Wir laden ein, an einem Tag ein Video mit dem Smartphone zu filmen, in ein Filmschnittsystem zu importieren, zu schneiden, zu vertonen, zu betiteln und so vorzubereiten, dass der Film auf einem Festival Erfolgschancen hat. Der Workshop wird von Naemi Reymann und Jürgen Richarz durchgeführt. Der voraussichtliche Termin: Freitag, 11. August 2017, von 9 Uhr bis ca. 17 Uhr. Eine frühzeitige Anmeldung ist erforderlich, da die Plätze begrenzt sind (per Mail an info@unica2017.de).

Another free workshop about „The way of a Smartphone video to the movie contest”. We invite you to film a video with your smartphone and then import it into a film editing system, to cut, entitle and prepare it, so that it might have a chance to win at a festival. The workshop will be led by Naemi Reymann and Jürgen Richarz. It is expected to take place on Friday, the 11th of August 2017 from 9am to apprx. 5pm. An early registration is required because of the limited amount of seats (per e-mail at info@unica2017.de).

Un autre atelier gratuit dénommé « le chemin de la vidéo smartphone au festival de films ». Nous invitons à tourner en une journée un film avec le smartphone, l’importer vers un système de montage de films, le monter, le sonoriser, y ajouter un titre afin qu’il ait une chance d’avoir du succès lors d’un festival de films. Cet atelier sera dirigé par Naemi Reymann et Jürgen Richarz. Il aura probablement lieu vendredi 11 août 2017 de 9h à env. 17h. Il est nécessaire de s’inscrire le plus tôt possible, le nombre de places étant limité (par mail à info@unica2017.de).

Eine Ausstellung mit den Fotos, Medaillen, Plakaten und Veröffentlichungen usw. des BDFA aus 90 Jahren mit einer großen Anzahl Exponate. Die Ausstellung ist an jedem Tag vom 6. bis 12. August 2017 zu besichtigen.

There is an exhibitions with photos, medals, posters and publications of 90 years of the BDFA with many exhibits. You can visit the exhibition everyday from the 6th to the 12th of August 2017.

Il y aura une exposition avec des photos, des médailles, des posters et des publications des 90 années d’existence du BDFA, avec un grand nombre d’objets exposés. L’exposition pourra être visitée tous les jours du 6 au 12 août 2017.

Kostenlose Museumsführungen durch das Industriedenkmal "Zeche Zollern". Die Termine:
06.8.2017 / 15:00 Uhr / DEUTSCH
07.8.2017 / 15:00 Uhr / DEUTSCH
07.8.2017 / 15.30 Uhr / ENGLISCH
09.8.2017 / 09:00 Uhr / ENGLISCH
09.8.2017 / 09.30 Uhr / DEUTSCH
11.8.2017 / 15:00 Uhr / DEUTSCH
11.8.2017 / 15:15 Uhr / ENGLISCH
11.8.2017 / 15:45 Uhr / DEUTSCH
12.8.2017 / 10:00 Uhr / DEUTSCH
12.8.2017 / 10:15 Uhr / ENGLISCH
12.8.2017 / 10:30 Uhr / FRANZÖSISCH
12.8.2017 / 10:45 Uhr / DEUTSCH
Sie können bereits heute Ihren Wunschtermin reservieren. Bitte melden Sie sich per Mail an: info@unica2017.de

Free museum tours through the industrial monument „Zeche Zollern“. The dates:
06.8.2017 / 3:00 pm / GERMAN
07.8.2017 / 3:00 pm / GERMAN
07.8.2017 / 3.30 pm / ENGLISH
09.8.2017 / 09:00 am / ENGLISH
09.8.2017 / 09.30 am / GERMAN
11.8.2017 / 3:00 pm / GERMAN
11.8.2017 / 3:15 pm / ENGLISH
11.8.2017 / 3:45 pm / GERMAN
12.8.2017 / 10:00 am / GERMAN
12.8.2017 / 10:15 am / ENGLISH
12.8.2017 / 10:30 am / FRENCH
12.8.2017 / 10:45 am / GERMAN
You can reserve your desired date today. Per e-mail at info@unica2017.de

Visites guidées gratuites du monument historique industriel „mine de charbon Zollern“. Les dates:
06.8.2017 / 15h / en allemand
07.8.2017 / 15h / en allemand
07.8.2017 / 15h30 / en anglais
09.8.2017 / 9h / en anglais
09.8.2017 / 9h30 Uhr / en allemand
11.8.2017 / 15h / en allemand
11.8.2017 / 15h15 / en anglais
11.8.2017 / 15h45 / en allemand
12.8.2017 / 10h / en allemand
12.8.2017 / 10h15 / en anglais
12.8.2017 / 10h30 / en français
12.8.2017 / 10h45 / en allemand
Vous pouvez réserver dès à présent votre date préférée. Envoyez un mail à: info@unica2017.de

Ein Film-/AV-Wettbewerb mit dem Thema "Dortmund/WMC UNICA/90 Jahre BDFA/Zeche Zollern. Die Aufnahmen müssen auf dem WMC UNICA2017 entstanden sein. Ansonsten ist das Thema frei. Maximale Länge 15 Minuten. Einsendeschluss ist der 1. November 2017. Es winken attraktive Sachpreise. Alle Filme erhalten die Teilnehmerurkunde. Die Filmeinreichung erfolgt online über wetransfer.com oder als Datenträger an unser Festivalbüro. Die Jurywertung erfolgt bis Ende November 2017. Die Gewinner werden auf unserer Webseite und dem Youtube-Kanal des WMC UNICA 2017 zu sehen sein.

A film-/AV-competitions with the subject „Dortmund/WMC UNICA/90 years of the BDFA/Colliery Zollern. The recordings have to be developed at the WMC UNICA 2017. The topic is free to choose. Maximum length is 15 minutes. Closing date is the 1st of November 2017. There are nice material prizes. Every film gets a certificate of participation. The filing should happen online at wetransfer.com or as a data medium at our festival bureau. The judging will happen until the end of November 2017. The winners will be shown at our website and the Youtube channel of the WMC UNICA 2017.

Un concours de films/AV ayant pour thème « Dortmund/WMC UNICA/90 ans BDFA/mine de charbon Zollern ». Les images doivent résulter du World Movie Contest UNICA 2017. Sinon le thème est libre. Durée maximale 15 minutes. Date limite des envois: 1er novembre 2017. Il y a différents prix en nature à gagner. Chaque film reçoit un certificat de participation. Les films peuvent être transmis par internet par l’intermédiaire de wetransfer.com ou par support de données à notre bureau du festival. L’évaluation du jury aura lieu dans le courant du mois de novembre. Les gagnants seront visibles sur notre site Internet ainsi que sur le canal Youtube du WMC UNICA 2017.

Clubleiter-Workshop am Samstag, 12. August 2017, von 9 Uhr bis ca. 16 Uhr, durchgeführt von Adalbert Becker. Ziele des Seminars:
• Austausch untereinander (auch nach diesem Seminar)
• Gemeinsame Themensammlung
• Wir motivieren uns und unsere Clubmitglieder
• Ideen gemeinsam suchen / finden
• Dieses Seminar gibt Empfehlungen zur Moderation / Führung
(Anmeldung per Mail an info@unica2017.de)

Club leader workshop on Saturday, the 12th of August 2017 from 9am until 4pm, led by Adalbert Becker. Goals of the seminar:
• Exchange among one another
• Common collection of subjects
• We motivate us and our club members
• Look for ideas and find them together
• This workshop gives you recommendations to moderation and leadership
(Registration per e-mail at info@unica2017.de)

Atelier pour présidents de clubs cinéastes, samedi 12 août 2017 de 9h à env. 16h, dirigé par Adalbert Becker. Objectifs de cet atelier:
• échange entre nous (aussi après l’atelier)
• élaboration commune d’une collection de sujets
• nous nous motivons nous-mêmes ainsi que nos membres
• avoir ensemble des idées
• cet atelier donne des recommendations pour présenter et diriger
(inscription par mail à info@unica2017.de)

Während des Tagesausflugs am 8. August 2017 wird auf der Hohensyburg ein kostenloses Luftbild der Teilnehmer angefertigt.

A free aerial image of the participants will be taken during the day trip at the 8th of August 2017 at the Hohensyburg.

Pendant l’excursion de la journée entière, le mardi 8 août 2017, une photo aérienne de tous les participants sera prise à la Hohensyburg.

Fotoaktion/Gästefotos am Samstag, 12. August 2017.

Photo campaign on Saturday, the 12th of August 2017

Photos des visiteurs: samedi 12 août 2017

Sehenswerte Video-Installation von Rainer Hofmann während der gesamten Woche.

Seeable video installation of Rainer Hofmann during the whole week.

Installation vidéo remarquable de Rainer Hofmann pendant toute la semaine.

Ein kostenloses Seminar über Plagiate mit dem Titel "The temptation of the amateur film maker" - "Die Versuchung des Filmamateurs", durchgeführt von Vladimir Murtin und weiteren Mitgliedern unseres befreundeten niederländischen Filmverbandes. Das Seminar findet statt am Samstag, 12. August 2017, von 9 Uhr bis ca. 11 Uhr. Eine frühzeitige Anmeldung ist sinnvoll, da die Plätze begrenzt sind (per Mail an info@unica2017.de)

A free workshop about plagiarism called „The temptation of the amateur film maker“ - „Die Versuchung des Filmamateurs“, led by Vladimir Murtin and other members of a befriended Dutch Film company. The workshop takes place on Saturday, the 12th of August 2017 from 10am until 12am. An early registration is useful, since the number of seats is limited (per e-mail at info@unica2017.de)

Un atelier gratuit au sujet du plagiat, nommé « The temptation of the amateur film maker » - « La tentation du cinéaste amateur », dirigé par Vladimir Martin et d’autres membres de nos amis cinéastes néerlandais. Cet atelier aura lieu samedi 12 août 2017 de 10h à env. 12h. Il est préférable de s’inscrire le plus tôt possible, le nombre de places étant limité (par mail à info@unica2017.de)

Für alle teilnehmenden Filme des World Movie Contest ist ein Sonderpreis der Sparkasse Dortmund ausgeschrieben. Er ist mit 500 Euro dotiert und geht an den Film mit der besten Umsetzung des Themas „Völkerverständigung“. Er wird nur an den anwesenden Autor vergeben für ein Werk, das für ein besseres Verständnis zwischen Menschen und Völkern wirbt.

There is a special prize that will be awarded for one of the partaking movies of the World Movie Contest advertised from the Sparkasse Dortmund. It includes prize money of 500€ and will be awarded to the movie with the best support for the topic of "understanding among nations". It will only be awarded to the present author for a work, that promotes a better understanding between people and nations.

Il y aura un prix spécial attribué par la Sparkasse Dortmund à l’un des films participant au World Movie Contest. Il est doté de 500 euros et sera attribué au film qui aura le mieux thématisé le sujet « compréhension interculturelle ». Il sera attribué seulement à un auteur présent, pour une œuvre qui promeut une meilleure compréhension entre les personnes et les nations.

Ein besonderes „Bonbon“ ist sicher die attraktive schwarze UNICA-Kongresstasche. Zum Inhalt gehört nicht nur das große Programmheft der UNICA2017, sondern viele Informationen über Zeche Zollern, über Dortmund und über verschiedene interessante Produkte. Und die ersten 200 Taschen enthalten ein wertvolles Geschenk: Ein großes Softwarepaket für Filmer in der lizensierten Vollversion sowie gemafreie Musik.

A special „bonbon“ is certainly the nice black UNICA congress bag. It contains the programme of the UNICA2017, many informations about the colliery Zollern and about Dortmund and about many interesting products. The first 200 bags contain a valuable gift: A big software package for filmmakers in a licensed full version as well as gema-free music.

Un bonbon spécial sera sûrement le beau sac noir du congrès de l’UNICA. Il contient non seulement le programme de l’UNICA, mais aussi beaucoup d’informations sur la mine de charbon Zollern, la ville de Dortmund et divers produits intéressants. Les 200 premiers sacs contiennent de plus un cadeau de valeur : un paquet de logiciels pour cinéastes en version intégrale fourni sous licence ainsi que de la musique Gema free.

Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch und heißen Sie in Dortmund herzlich willkommen.

We are looking forward to your visit and to welcome you in Dortmund.

Nous sommes impatients de vous recevoir. Bienvenue à Dortmund !




There is a special prize for every partaking movie of the World Movie Contest advertised from the Sparkasse Dortmund. It includes prize money of 500€ and will be awarded to the movie with the best support for the topic of "understanding among nations".  It will only be awarded to the present author for a work, that promotes a better understanding between people and nations.



The programme, the workshops and
the services at „90 years of the BDFA“

Overview of all services and fees during the World Movie Contest
UNICA 2017 and „90 years of the BDFA“

More information...


More information...



UNICA presentation in the Netherlands:
German team was present at the Promotiedag in Nijkerk



On 1 April 2017 the UNICA-Promotiedag took place in Nijkerk (NL). Filmmakers and other interested parties travel from the whole of the Netherlands to inform themselves about the next UNICA on this day. After a review of UNICA 2016 in Suceawa / Romania Barbara and Bernhard Zimmermann from Germany designed a versatile authoring program. Afterwards Erik Jäger from the German host team presented all the details about the UNICA 2017 in Dortmund. It was about the arrival, the hotels, the many dates and events and a lot of questions were asked and answered. The visitors agreed: The UNICA in Dortmund is worth a visit and can expect a large number of guests from the Netherlands. The German team thanks for the hospitality in Nijkerk and especially at the Dutch filmmaker association NOVA with its president Kees Tervoort.



From now on: Bookings of the congress tickets and the excursions
The exact course of events is clear now

Congress tickets for the UNICA 2017 can be booked from now on.
A quick booking is recommended to reserve your preferred excursion.

More information and course of events...

Booking and reservation...



UNICA 2016 in Suceva/Romania
a huge success for german authors and the host team 2017

The information desk of the IMD-team from Germany at the lobby of the cinema in
Suceava (more photos in the picture gallery)

World championship of the UNICA 2016 finished
An abstract written by Barbara Zimmermann

The awardees of the German National Programme at the WORLD MOVIE CONTEST in Suceava, Romania (19th to 26th of August 2016):

Silver medal
„The main thing is the Net (Hauptsache Netz)“ by Rainer Hofmann, Stuttgart
Impressions of a networked World, in which nobody can get along without a smartphone anymore

Bronze medal
„Guantanamo Baby“ by Dieter Primig, Berlin
The unbelievable story of a very young hero who is hopelessly kept imprisoned.
He tries to break out - and dreams of a successful escape.

Honorary degree:
„Golden cut“ (Goldener Schnitt) by Lilith Queisser, Mannheim (Jeunesse, 18 years)
A girl leaves her country of origin in order to explore a new and exciting world. This raises
the question if “colorful“ is always prettier and if “owning more“ is always better...

"The proverbial luck" (Das sprichwörtliche Glück) by Dave Lojek and team, Berlin
Idioms decorate our language but occasionally are hard to translate. This film tells the
story of two neighbors who are experiencing romantic feelings for each other.

„Tarek Chalabi“ by Finn-Halvar Peters, Bremen (Jeunesse, 23 years)
Tarek reports why he had to flee from his origin Syria. He particularises the backgrounds of his journey to Germany
very personally. The waiting for his asylum application starts in a refugee accommodation.

Certificate of participation::
"…and that’s how it happened…" (…und es geschah so…) by Michaela Pfeiffer, Jüchen
God created the world and the people subdued it.

"Schattendo" by Rainer Drews, Stade
"Some are in the dark, the others are standing in the light. You can see those in the light, you cannot see those in the dark." Berthold Brecht

Results in the UNICA World Movie Minute Cup 2016

1. Award
„They know everything about us“ by Dr.Frank Dietrich, videographer Senftenberg

"porridge for two" (Brei für Zwei) by Rolf Birn, Leopold Blümel, Dresden

We congratulate the awardees and participants.

Barbara and Bernhard Zimmermann


The presentation of the World Movie Contest 2017 in Dortmund took place with great success and interest on the part of the audience.

The UNICA-flag was solemnly handed over to Germany and received by the german delegation.

Furthermore did the IMD-team arrange an information desk at the lobby of this years UNICA. The desk was besieged during every break and almost 100 kg of information material about the UNICA 2017 in Germany, Dortmund and the colliery Zollern was distributed. Several participant of this years UNICA have registered for 2017.

You can find more photos at the picture gallery…


IMD-team at the UNICA 2016 in Suceava/Romania

After the World Movie Contest 2015 took place in St. Petersburg, the film makers from all around the world will this year be guests at the World Movie Contest in Suceava, from the 19th to the 26th of August 2017. The Romanian film fans hosted the big event with a lot of engagement.

"Official" representatives of the Bundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren e.V. (BDFA) from Germany as well as members of the Initiative Multimedia Dortmund e.V. (IMD) will be present to introduce themselves with a "Dortmund-desk". They will also give information material about 2017 and answer the guests questions about the World Movie Cup UNICA 2017. In order to this there will be information about Dortmund, the festival hotels, the location "colliery Zollern" and the arrival.

You can find the trilingual flyers as PDF-files on our download page.



Movie trailer of the UNICA 2017 location "Colliery Zollern"
as well as of the venue Dortmund

Experience the UNICA 2017 location with us

Both trailers are finished and online. Take a look at our page "trailer". Thank you, Birgit Mölle-Weber and Manfred Weber, for the making of the Dortmund-Trailer and thank you, Hans Joachim Hirschfeld and Uwe Koslowski, for the making of Colliery Zollern-Trailer

Take a look at the trailer page….


New design for the World Movie Contest in Germany
World Movie Cup UNICA 2017 will have a new look

All printed papers, flyers, outdoor advertising, commemorative publications and signage will have a new look. The presentation of the venue Dortmund in 2017 at this years event in Romania will have a new design. It looks like that:



Register now for the newsletter

The newsletter for the world movie contest UNICA 2017 and for the Workshop "90 years Bundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren BDFA" will start at June 2016. Register now. Please send an email with the text "newsletter-abo" to our mailaccount info@imd.events. We guarantee, that we respect allways the security-policy of personal data and never give your mailadress to third parties. You can unsubscribe the newsletter at any time. Register now!


The UNICA-committee visited the location in which the WORLD MOVIE CONTEST and the UNICA-congress will take place from August 5th until August 12th 2017 with representatives from 15 (of 30) countries on March 12th 2016. The workshop “90 years of BDFA“ (Bundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren e.V.) will be organized by the IMD at the same time as the WORLD MOVIE CONTEST.

Read more... 


The first official presentation of the project “World Film Festival UNICA 2017 and Workshop 90 years of BDFA“ took place on January 21st 2016 in Dortmund. Over 40 interested people, official representatives of the involved organizations, IMD (Initiative Multimedia Dortmund e.V.) team members and other important persons met in the multi-purpose hall of the “Gasthaus Pape“ in Dortmund.

The vice president of the IMD, Monika Hornig, welcomed all present and thanked for the great interest.

The president of the IMD, Erik Jäger, presented the project based on the following details:
- the event
- the location “Zeche Zollern“
- the accommodations
- the places of event
- the chronological planning
- the directives of the World Film Association
- the workshop “90 years of BDFA“

Furthermore the IMD team members presented photographic impressions of the location “Zeche Zollern“, in which the big event will take place. The impressions were completed through shots of Michael Preis, who presented scenes of the latest UNICA 2015 in St. Petersburg.



Successful start-up for the “UNICA 2017“ in GERMANY

Newly founded association organizes World Film Festival in the Dortmunder industrial museum “Zeche Zollern“

Welcome to the “Initiative Multimedia Dortmund e.V.

What took place on December 13th 2015 in the Sonnenstraße 14 in Dortmund resembled a „Winter Fairytale“: The charitable club IMD e.V. “Initiative Multimedia Dortmund“, which undertakes the preparation and implementation of the World Movie Contest UNICA 2017, commissioned by the “Bundesverband Deutscher Film-Autoren“ (BDFA), was founded in less than an hour after good preparation.

“I am so proud that we were able to hold a foundation meeting that concentrated and expedient. That demonstrates mutual trust and great team spirit. A notary will manage further necessary steps“, said the newly elected president Erik Jäger. Then he grabbed his champagne glass and clicked glasses with all present.

The results in detail:

President: Erik Jäger (as well the chairman of the state association of the BDFA NRW and vice president of the Filmklub Dortmund), vice president: Monika Hornig (retired principal from Schwerte). All founding members expressed their loyalty to Klaus Piotrowski, who enjoys full confidence as the treasurer of the BDFA and for the same reason became the treasurer of the newly founded association.

Further founding members: Hans Joachim Hirschfeld (head of division, press and public relations of the Filmklub Dortmund), Dr. Peter and Dr. Véronique Hoch, Peter Hornig, Bernhard Lindner (Vice president of the UNICA and BDFA), Birgit Mölle-Weber and Manfred Weber, Barbara and Bernhard Zimmermann (international competitions of the BDFA).

Following persons were absent at the foundation meeting: Klaus Werner Voß (president of the BDFA and chairman of the Filmklub Dortmund) as well as Hans Berenberg (treasurer of the Filmklub Dortmund).

The participants of the event especially enjoyed the surprising appearance of Bernhard Lindner, who is the vice president of the UNICA and of the BDFA. He decided short-term to follow the invitation in order to appear personally. He signalled his loyalty and full support towards the club by travelling nearly 500 km to Dortmund. The participants responded with high esteem, respect and thanks towards Bernhard Lindner.

The club will have a constituent meeting at the beginning of January 2016. Shortly afterwards the club invites you to the first official meeting. Time, place and tasks of the meeting will be announced timely.

Everybody, who wants to support the organization and planning of the UNICA 2017 with their talents and skills, is welcome. The membership in the BDFA is not a requirement but team spirit, fun and endurance in implementing common aims are required.

Barbara Zimmermann, Düsseldorf
Press spokeswoman IMD e.V.
Head of division, press, public relations activities (international press)

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