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Which films will be shown ?

Each one of the 30 member countries of the UNICA can present an hour-long country-program. Films shot by young authors (“YOUNG UNICA“ / until the age of 25) will be shown in the program. Some films will be shown in their original version with subtitles.

1 Germany / Allemagne / Deutschland (probably Sunday 1 to 8 / subject to change !)
2 Tunisia / Tunisie / Tunesien
3 Romania / Roumanie / Rumänien
4 Finland / Finlande / Finnland
5 Norway / Norvège / Norwegen
6 United Kingdom / Royaume Uni / Grossbritannien
7 Macedonia / Macédoine / Mazedonien
8 Sweden / Suède / Schweden

9 Luxemburg / Luxembourg / Luxembourg (probably Monday 9 to 16 / subject to change !)
10 Croatia / Croatie / Kroatien
11 Poland / Pologne / Polen
12 France / France / Frankreich
13 Hungary / Hongrie / Ungarn
14 Andorra / Andorre / Andorra
15 Slovakia / Slovaquie / Slowakei
16 South Korea / Corée du Sud / Süd Korea

17 Belgium / Belgique / Belgien (probably Wednesday 17 to 23 / subject to change !)
18 Slovenia / Slovénie / Slowenien
19 Czech Rep. / Rép. Tchèque / Tschechien
20 Austria / Autriche / Österreich
21 Lichtenstein / Liechtenstein / Liechtenstein
22 Georgia / Georgie / Georgien
23 Switzerland / Suisse / Schweiz

24 Italy / Italie / Italien (probably Thursday 24 to 27 / subject to change !)
25 Estonia / Estonie / Estland
26 Netherlands / Pays Bas / Niederlande
27 Ukraine / Ukraine / Ukraine

28 Russia / Russie / Russland (probably Friday 28 to 30 / subject to change !)
29 Bulgaria / Bulgaria / Bulgarien
30 Spain / Espagne / Spanien

Who discusses the films ?

An international jury will discuss each film in an official jury discussion. Interpreters will accompany the talk round with a simultaneous translation in each of the three languages (French, English and German). The members of the jury 2017 are:

Bernhard Lindner (Deutschland)
Georges Fondeur (Luxemburg)
Darko Basheski (Mazedonien)
Aase Högfeldt (Schweden)
Suncica Fradelic (Kroatien)

Which prizes will be awarded ?

The jury awards gold-, silver- and bronze medals as well as honorary degrees. They decide on the award of special prizes (best actor, best documentation, best script…). The audience decides on the winner of the “WORLD MINUTE MOVIE CUP“.

There is a special prize for every partaking movie of the World Movie Contest advertised from the Sparkasse Dortmund. It includes prize money of 500€ and will be awarded to the movie with the best support for the topic of "understanding among nations".  It will only be awarded to the present author for a work, that promotes a better understanding between people and nations.

Which workshops are there ?

The BDFA celebrates their 90th anniversary in 2017. During the event the BDFA presents itself not only in the historical retrospective. Workshops and lectures convey a picture of current technical and social challenges, which are understood as a great opportunity for formulating ambitious targets.

Trips - We are Germany

Dortmund and the Ruhrgebiet consist of the diversity of cultures and unique history. Industry, gastronomy, sport and shopping belong to the face of the country as well as cultural heritages and museums. The trips are designed for an international audience. They are organized centrally and offered in multiple languages.

Meeting friends - Get together

In addition to the large number of films remains enough space for meetings and talks with friends. There will be a daily “Get together“ at the end of the official film program on the terrain of the Zeche Zollern II/IV. Westphalian specialties and international cuisine are offered late into the night at the “Pferdestall“.

Gala night - Time to say "GOOD BYE"

Saying good bye can be hard. A Gala night in a historical environment shall end the WORLD MOVIE CONTEST solemnly. The organizer will consider the age and the country of origin of the guest regarding the admission charge in order to give everybody the chance to say good bye to old and new friends in a common circle on this special evening.

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